Irie Caribbean is the place to be.

Come on out, come on in, to 126 Utica Ave. Irie Caribbean is the place to be, for all your delicious mouth dripping tasty meal Irie Caribbean you have to be. Caribbean food is the best any time of the day or year, from spicy curry goat to succulent dark tasty oxtail, there is nowhere you would rather go. When you want food tasting like home, I can assure you no need roam.

Not only is our meal delicious and the best you will ever eat, but we are reasonable and affordable, also fits perfectly in your budget means. Irie Caribbean provides catering services too, so planning a party, wedding or any celebrating events just give us a call at 347-295-3628 and we will service you accordingly to your request. We also provide delivery services, so stay at home in your comfort zone, and we will come to you. Remember for all your rich in flavor brown stew chicken, fried or brown stew fish, ackee and salt fish, you name it we got it. Once it’s Caribbean, you can always count on us. With home baked products and natural Caribbean juices, Irie Caribbean is the place to be.

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